Interview with Yoan Rebetez

Yoan Rebetez: University of Geneva, SWITZERLAND


- Could you present yourself in few sentences?

My name is Yoan Rebetez, I’m Swiss, I play in Switzerland and at the French championship and I represent the university of Geneva for the third time at an EUSA event. I have a level of semiprofessional or even professional if I invest myself fully and I played in the third division at the French championship.


- What made you want to begin table tennis? I heard a lot about family stuff, is it the same for you?

Yes, it’s the same, for me it was my father. We had a table in the garden and my sisters didn’t want to play with him so I did and I wanted to beat him so I began to take some lessons. So I began at 8 years old but I was really into it at 14 years old.


- Why did you choose to professionalize yourself in this sport and not another sport?

I think it’s mostly because it’s an individual sport so you learn much more, you’re confronted to yourself, you’re evolving more. It was more important for me to not have a team but just myself and be this only responsible of my defeat and victory.



- You look very close of your team, do you think that is the most important thing to win? A good relationship between each other?

I think so and mostly here because you play to have fun and not really to win, it’s better to have a good atmosphere to play better. We play together in the same team so we have the opportunity to talk to each other quite regularly.


- What do you expect of the individuals and doubles? Knowing that you just won your first.

Honestly I was scared for this game but I won fairly handily so it feels good! But I don’t expect anything, I wanted to have some fun here and it’s my last time so I’m mostly here to live an experience. But we have a good board so we will try to do our best!


- Who is your biggest opponent?

All of the guys from east country know how to play so yeah Polish or Czech and also the French.