SUNDAY - Recap of the day

SUNDAY – 9th of July


The last day of competition started at 10.00 o’clock with the semifinals of women’s and men’s singles. Finals of women’s doubles started at 11 o’clock, then it continued with men’s doubles.


In women’s doubles final, the title of champions won Jiaqi Meng and Denise Payet from University of Nottingham (UNITED KINGDOM).



The men’s doubles final was equally great and exciting, giving the title of champions to Jan Zandecki and Konrad Kulpa from Zamojski Academy (POLAND) who won an exciting final match against Kamil Kurowski and Lukasz Sokolowski from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (POLAND).



Women’s singles

In the women’s singles semifinals matches, Zdena Blaskova (CZECH REPUBLIC) won against Anna Wegrzyn (POLAND), on the other table, Jiaqi Meng (UNITED KINGDOM) won against Katarzyna Wegrzyn (POLAND).

The final match was very attractive and exciting, but in the end, Jiaqi Meng won against Zdena Blaskova by 3:2!



Men’s singles

In the men’s singles semifinals matches, Jan Zandecki (POLAND) won against Ivor Ban (CROATIA), on the other table, Kamil Kurowski (POLAND) won against Jakub Folwarski (POLAND).

In the finals, Jan Zandecki won against Kamil Kurowski by 3:0!



After all the finals matches, European Universities Table Tennis Championship 2023 was concluded with the Award and Closing Ceremony (see the article – EUC Table Tennis 2023 concluded -